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Managing Director

The Corporation derives its mandate from the ADC Act (CAP. 444, Laws of Kenya). As specified in the Act, the mandate is to:

 Promote the production of Kenya’s essential agricultural inputs as the Corporation may decide from time to time, such as seeds and pedigree livestock including, hybrid seed maize, other cereal seeds, potato seed, pasture seed, vegetable seed, pedigree cattle, dairy, beef, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and bees.

 Undertake such activities as the Corporation may decide from time to time for developing agricultural production in specific fields of production such as training, knowledge and technology transfer through participation in field days, embryo transfer ,Artificial Insemination and Agricultural Show Kenya events .

 Participate in activities in agricultural production which are related to the primary and secondary functions of the Corporation and which in the view of the Corporation are commercially viable in production of commercial maize, wheat, potatoes and commercial sale of milk, dairy and beef animals , goats and sheep.

Development House, 9th and 10th Floor P. O. Box 47101 - 00100, Nairobi.
Head Office Nairobi
Telephone numbers:
+254 0724 930920
+254 0735 930920
+254 20 2243571
Kitale Regional Office
Nakuru Regional Office
Coast Regional
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Facebook :@Agricultural Development Corporation

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